Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protocol

Updated - 24th January 2022

In welcoming all guests to Cringletie, our main priority is to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for you.

Most of the legally imposed Covid-19 restrictions have now been removed. However, the wearing of facemasks when moving about inside any public building, including shops, restaurants and hotels is still a requirement.  

Notwithstanding the removal of Covid-19 restrictions, we continue to apply the most stringent measures to cleaning processes in guest rooms and public areas and our laundry supplier continues the special treatment applied to linen.

In support of the Scottish Governments Coronavirus policy, we do encourage all guests to complete regular lateral flow-tests to ensure their own immunisation status and for the safety of others. We also encourage everyone to wash and sanitise hands regularly. We do not require any “Covid” passport or proof of your vaccination status.  

If prior to arrival or at any stage of your stay you have any questions regarding guest safety, please don’t hesitate to contact our General Manager on 01721 725 750 or by emailing gm(at)

Will Haegeland
General Manager