The Larder of Scotland – brought to life

  • Posted on: 6 June 2016
  • By: dimwolf

Arrive - Meet the team; enjoy refreshments and homemade treats.

The party will then move to the Conservatory overlooking the lawns and where you will experience the charm and engage in learning all about our Scottish culture.

Cringleties chefs will explain and demonstrate the incredible diversity of the larder of Scotland. With numerous items to taste you will learn about the cheeses with their strong flavours to the delicate subtleties of others – the fish that make Scotland unique- the beef and lamb which are second to none in the world and more. You will have the opportunity to be creative and get your hands dirty whilst making some delicious to provide you with the ability to take home something very special.

- Move to Restaurant or Lounge and enjoy a special Cringletie Lunch / Scottish afternoon tea presented by the Chef & Maître d’

After the delicious break the party are free to enjoy a game of croquet, pitch & putt, explore the 400 year old walled garden. Wander through the grounds of this truly beautiful example of a Scottish baronial mansion providing the charm of history and immersing your senses in making lasting memories.