Frequently Asked Questions

Of course it is when you book the house on exclusive use.  You will be Prince and Princess of the Castle for the duration of your wedding from check in at 2.00pm and check out at 11.00am the following morning.  No other guests will be on the premises and therefore, it is your castle!

Whilst we will require you to guarantee the complete reservation and settle the deposit, we can arrange individual accounts for your guests if you would like them to settle elements of their stay with us directly.

Yes you can; in a chat with Chef you can propose your menu and Chef will advise you on it further.

In the exclusive use rate a menu tasting for two is included.  As soon as you have made your selection, we invite you to come and try: two starters, two main courses and two desserts.  If you opt for an intermediate and/or refresher course, then also two of them.  You can bring more people to the tasting party if you so desire; there may, however, be a charge for each extra person.

Yes, we do; having said that, you are entirely free to bring in your own suppliers, apart from caterers.

We can indeed set up meetings with the various suppliers at pre-arranged date(s).  

All linen is included in whichever package you choose.  Crockery and glassware is also included and there is no charge for it.

Yes, there are several options for outdoor ceremonies, all depending on the weather. We always also plan for indoor ceremonies as the Scottish weather is not really predictable!

In principle yes, how you want to organise it is also a matter for the registrar/minister.

Again, yes but you need to speak with the registrar/minister as they need to know.

Yes also the sand ceremony is a possibility and again, in cooperation with the registrar/minister.  You will, however, supply the sand.

You can make the lighting of the unity candle part of the ceremony.  The registrar/minister will have to know about this.

An owl for bringing in rings is a lovely element. The owl comes regularly to Cringletie and after the ceremony there is some private time for you with the owl for photos.

Yes, you absolutely are; the ceremony of course depends on the availability of the registrar/minister.

The sound system in the garden room and conservatory can indeed take an i-pod/phone and if you have created the various play lists, then Cringletie staff will do the rest.

  1. A band or a DJ are very welcome at Cringletie. In normal circumstances they can set up about one hour before the start of the evening reception.

Yes we do but we need to know in advance as we need to inform our neighbours who have livestock or pets.  Unfortunately, rules and regulations dictate that fireworks cannot be carried out after 11.00pm.  Because of health and safety regulations, we can only allow professional fireworks companies to set off fireworks.

Not a problem: indoor only silk (or paper) and outdoor bio-degradable please.

Candles are allowed in the ceremony room, in the restaurant and in the room for the evening reception.  

 You can bring your dogs and cats if you want but only if your wedding is on an exclusive use basis.

We do provide a knife for the cutting of the cake and with long enough notice, we may be able to give you a sword to do the cutting.

That depends on the day of the week: for non-residential guests we need to close the bar on Friday and Saturday at 1.00am; for the rest of the days it will be 12.00 midnight.  Residential guests may use the bar at all times when there is a member of staff present.

There is an outside ramp for wheelchairs, a wheelchair lift, a fully accessible bedroom/bathroom and a passenger lift.

The main car park is indeed available as is the overflow car park.

There is a Tesla charging point and a universal charging point.

Don’t you worry; the Cringletie staff will clear and clean up.