We can arrange archery, cross-bow, air rifle target and clay pigeon shooting on the estate. A range of game shooting, pheasant, grouse, wildfowl and deer stalking is available within easy reach of Cringletie.

We can also assist with arrangements for the following:

Accompanied Stalking

This is on a one-to-one basis, and can either go for shooting a Sika deer Stag (1st July - 20th October), a Roe deer Buck (1st April - 20th October) a Hind (21st October - 15th February) or a Doe (21st October - 31st March).

There are two stalks available per day i.e. morning slot at first light and an evening slot.

Pheasant Shooting (from 1st Oct to 31st Jan)

This is also called a driven pheasant shoot for a party of a minimum eight guns. These days are very much in demand and need to be booked well in advance, i.e. before end of March for next autumn.

Rough Days/Quarry Shooting

This involves one gamekeeper with a group working their way through the estate. The quarry would depend on what was available and allowed e.g. pheasant, rabbit, hare, pigeon etc. The costs vary from a minimum of two guns to a maximum of six guns.

Accommodation for Shooting Parties

Special arrangements can be made for shooting parties including flexible meal times to tie in with shooting schedules, customized menus and private dining.

Entertainment activities - e.g. a Scottish night with our resident Piper addressing the haggis and whisky tastings – can also be arranged for groups of 10 or more.

Call now on 01721 725750 for further details.